The call for voting seeks to encourage massive and peaceful participation in the elections. AMLO Calls to Vote Peacefully on June 2.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador urged citizens to participate in the elections next Sunday, June 2, emphasizing that it is a crucial process for the future of the nation.

More than an election: a referendum

López Obrador emphasized that Sunday’s elections represent something more than the simple election of authorities and parties.

“More than an election, Sunday is a referendum, a plebiscite, a consultation. It is not just choosing the authorities or a party, but choosing the nation project we want.

“Do we want the country to continue as before, with a small minority that deceived because there was no real democracy, but rather an oligarchy with a façade of democracy where the people were not taken into account?” AMLO expressed.

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AMLO Calls to Vote Peacefully on June 2

Call for peace and participation

The president emphasized the importance of peaceful participation in the elections. “I hope that citizens participate and also that we do it in holy peace.

This is very important for the country,” he stated. López Obrador described Mexican citizens as “a respectful, good, participatory people, a people who want justice and authentic democracy.”

AMLO Calls to Vote Peacefully on June 2

Expectations about results

López Obrador announced that he will speak about the results of the elections in his morning press conference on Monday, June 3.

Although he commented that he could make a publication on social networks, he will wait for the National Electoral Institute (INE) to officially communicate the results.

“On Wednesday (June 5) are the district counts, don’t forget that. And we have to wait for the entire legal procedure,” said the president during his morning conference on Monday, May 27.

AMLO’s call seeks to encourage massive and peaceful participation in the elections, highlighting the importance of this electoral process in defining the future of Mexico.

R. AMLO Calls to Vote Peacefully on June 2

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