Information on the income of public servants is crucial to evaluate their performance. AMLO Presents Patrimonial Declaration 2024.

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has presented his assets declaration for the year 2024, in which he details his income and assets.

According to the information provided, the president reported total income of one million 837 thousand 626 pesos.

Details of the Asset Declaration

López Obrador specified that, of his total income, one million 808 thousand 826 pesos come from his salary as head of the federal Executive. Additionally, he received 28,800 pesos through the Senior Citizens’ Pension.

In his statement, the president also indicated that he has no debts nor did he make any purchases of vehicles or real estate during the past year.

The president declared that he had four bank accounts: two payroll accounts, one from his Afore and one savings account, although he did not provide details about the amounts of these accounts.

Likewise, López Obrador pointed out that he did not request loans or participate in companies, companies or associations in the last year.

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AMLO Presents Patrimonial Declaration 2024

Statements from Other Officials

The newspaper EL UNIVERSAL reported on various asset movements of the members of the legal and expanded cabinet of President López Obrador.

These movements include the purchase of apartments and vehicles for cash, income from investment funds, scholarships from the National Council of Science and Technology (Conahcyt), and the sale of vans.

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AMLO Presents Patrimonial Declaration 2024

Case of Daniel Asaf Manjarrez

Daniel Asaf Manjarrez, head of the Assistant Team that assists the president, reported an annual income of 2 million 631 thousand 512 pesos.

Of these, one million 739 thousand 512 pesos correspond to his salary as a public servant and 892 thousand pesos to his business activity.

Asaf Manjarrez detailed income from several restaurants: Siete Cuinos SA de CV (600 thousand pesos annually), Caimán (180 thousand pesos), Belmondo (48 thousand pesos) and Tigre Silencioso (64 thousand pesos).

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AMLO Presents Patrimonial Declaration 2024

In addition, he mentioned having purchased a 2020 model Honda HRV truck in cash for 359,900 pesos and owning an apartment acquired in 2018 in cash for 2,583,000 pesos.

He also declared the acquisition of household goods worth 100 thousand pesos.

Asaf Manjarrez has a payroll account and credit card debt, although he did not reveal the amount of this debt or the details of debts, liabilities in the name of his partner, financial dependents or other third parties with whom he has co-ownership.

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AMLO Presents Patrimonial Declaration 2024

Transparency and Compliance

The presentation of the asset declaration by President López Obrador and other officials is an exercise in transparency and accountability before the citizens.

This process allows citizens to know the financial status of their leaders and verify that there are no conflicts of interest or illicit enrichment during their mandate.

The Secretariat of Public Administration (SFP) is responsible for supervising and reviewing these statements to ensure their veracity and compliance with current regulations.

Transparency in public management is essential to strengthen citizens’ trust in their rulers and in the country’s institutions.

AMLO Presents Patrimonial Declaration 2024

Expectations and Reactions

The asset declarations presented by senior government officials have generated diverse reactions in public opinion and the media.

Information on the income and properties of public servants is crucial to evaluate their performance and their adherence to the principles of honesty and austerity that the current government has promoted.

Citizens and civil society organizations continue to be vigilant to ensure that the actions of their rulers align with the values ​​of transparency and accountability.

The presentation of these asset declarations is an important step in that sense, allowing for more detailed scrutiny of the public administration.

R. AMLO Presents Patrimonial Declaration 2024

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