Biden’s visit sought to calm spirits and connect with the electorate and young people. Biden Pledges to Listen to Gaza Protests.

US President Joe Biden on Sunday called for a ceasefire in Gaza and assured students at a university, which had been the scene of pro-Palestinian protests, that he is working towards a “lasting peace”, including the creation of a Palestinian State.

Speech at Atlanta University

Biden Pledges to Listen to Gaza Protests

In his speech at Atlanta University, where prominent civil rights activist Martin Luther King studied, Biden affirmed his support for a peace agreement for the entire region with “a two-state solution.”

This university, known as Morehouse College, has been a focal point of pro-Palestinian protests, prompting authorities to intervene and evict protesters.

Biden’s visit sought to calm tempers and connect with the African-American electorate and young people.

“I support peaceful, nonviolent protests. Your voices must be heard and I promise you that I will listen,” Biden said during the graduation ceremony at Morehouse College.

Despite the tension, the event proceeded without significant interruptions, although one student turned his back on the president in protest.

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Biden Pledges to Listen to Gaza Protests

Response to Student Protests

In the midst of the election campaign, students at this university asked the administration to cancel Biden’s speech due to his support for Israel, which has been heavily criticized for the military campaign in Gaza.

Biden insisted on the need for a ceasefire in Gaza and the return of Israeli hostages held by the Islamist group Hamas. He stated that he was working for “lasting peace” in the region, including the creation of a Palestinian state as a solution to the conflict.

“This is one of the most complex problems in the world. There are no easy solutions,” said Biden, wearing the brown and black robe of Morehouse College. “I know this angers and frustrates many of you, including my family, but most of all, I know it breaks your hearts and it breaks mine too,” the president added.

This speech represents Biden’s most direct contact with students since the start of the pro-Palestinian demonstrations that have occurred at several American universities.

When visiting Morehouse, Biden also wanted to pay tribute to Martin Luther King, remembering that the civil rights leader strongly opposed the Vietnam War in the 1960s.

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Biden Pledges to Listen to Gaza Protests

Challenges in Winning the Sympathy of Young People

Biden had initially remained silent about protests against the war launched by Israel in Gaza in response to the Hamas attacks on October 7.

He later declared that “order must prevail” on university campuses, where police have intervened to evict protesters.

However, the United States’ unconditional support for Israel has raised concerns among Democrats, who fear losing votes among young people and supporters of the Palestinian cause, including many African Americans.

Polls show Biden is struggling to maintain support among black and young voters, two groups that were crucial to his victory against Donald Trump in 2020.

According to a recent survey by the New York Times and the Siena firm, Trump could win 20% of African-American votes in November, double what he obtained in 2020.

This result would be a record for a Republican candidate and would represent a significant challenge for Biden.

To counter this possible outcome, Biden on Friday criticized the “extremism” of his rival and his followers, who “attack diversity, equity and inclusion throughout the United States.”

He made this statement during a speech at the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington.

Biden Pledges to Listen to Gaza Protests

Biden’s promise to listen to the Gaza protests and his commitment to lasting peace in the Middle East reflect his effort to balance his foreign policy with domestic demands for justice and peace.

R. Biden Pledges to Listen to Gaza Protests

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