The president continues to promote the idea that this strategy is necessary in the country. Bukele Makes Mega Transfer in El Salvador.

The president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, announced this Tuesday the transfer of 2,000 additional gang members to the Terrorism Confinement Center (Cecot), a maximum security prison with the capacity to house 40,000 members of criminal gangs. Bukele has described this facility as “the largest in America.”

Transfer of Gang Members

In his X account, Bukele reported that the gang members were transferred from prisons in Izalco, Ciudad Barrio and San Vicente.

The president stressed that these criminals “will pay for the crimes committed against our people,” noting that they will be incommunicado and without the possibility of ordering crimes from within the prison.

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Bukele Makes Mega Transfer in El Salvador

Before Bukele’s announcement, the Salvadoran security authorities had not given details about this transfer, and the exact number of gang members currently imprisoned in Cecot, which occupies an area of ​​23 hectares and was inaugurated at the end of January of the year, is still unknown. past.

This is the third mass transfer to Cecot, after the movements carried out in February and March of last year.

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Bukele Makes Mega Transfer in El Salvador

Controversy and Prison Construction

The construction of the mega prison has been the subject of criticism from the opposition, which has pointed out the lack of transparency in the process.

In particular, the approval of a law by the Legislative Assembly, dominated by the ruling party, which allowed the usual controls on state works to be omitted, has been questioned.

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Bukele Makes Mega Transfer in El Salvador

The prison was built in the context of an emergency regime implemented since March 2022, after a wave of homicides that left more than 80 dead in three days.

This regime, which has been extended 26 times for periods of 30 days at the request of the government, suspends certain rights such as the defense of detainees and the inviolability of communications.

Bukele Makes Mega Transfer in El Salvador

Impact of the Exception Regime

According to official data, more than 80 thousand people have been detained under this regime, of which more than 7 thousand have been released on parole.

The government attributes the significant reduction in violence to this measure, which has been instrumental in reducing homicides, a trend that began in 2016 under previous administrations.

However, humanitarian organizations have received more than 6 thousand complaints of human rights violations in this context, including arbitrary detentions, torture and temporary disappearances.

Despite these complaints, the emergency regime remains popular among the population and has been a key piece in Bukele’s campaign for his immediate re-election, despite constitutional restrictions that prohibit such action.

President Bukele continues to promote the idea that this tough policy is necessary to guarantee the safety and well-being of Salvadorans, a message that resonates strongly in a country that has suffered from gang violence for decades.

R. Bukele Makes Mega Transfer in El Salvador

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