The candidate appeared close to voters, reaffirming her connection with the people. Claudia Sheinbaum Voted for Ifigenia Martínez.

Claudia Sheinbaum, the candidate of the Let’s Keep Making History coalition, went to cast her vote in section 3960, located in San Andrés Totoltepec, Tlalpan.

The candidate for the Presidency of Mexico exercised her right to vote around 10:00 in the morning.

Vote for Ifigenia Martínez

Upon leaving the booth, Sheinbaum declared: “I just want to tell you that for the Presidency I voted for Ifigenia Martínez. And everything else, well, you know how we vote.”

This statement surprised many, since Sheinbaum is the official candidate of her coalition.

Sheinbaum arrived at the polling station with her husband, Jesús María Tarriba, and was greeted with enthusiasm by the voters, who hailed her with shouts of “President, President.”

The candidate decided to stand in line like all the other citizens, taking advantage of the time to interact, take photos and talk with some of those present.

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Claudia Sheinbaum Voted for Ifigenia Martínez

Environment in the Elections

The atmosphere in the elections was one of expectation and excitement. The voters present showed their support for Sheinbaum, who was accessible and approachable during their wait to vote.

The interaction with citizens was warm, and the candidate took the opportunity to listen to some of their concerns and comments.

After casting her vote, Sheinbaum mentioned that she planned to return to her home to be with her family before heading to her bunker, located in a hotel in downtown Mexico City.

This space will be her center of operations during election day, where she will closely follow the results.

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Claudia Sheinbaum Voted for Ifigenia Martínez

Who is Ifigenia Martínez?

Ifigenia Martínez is a prominent Mexican economist and politician, known for her career in the academic and legislative fields.

Martínez has been an influential figure in Mexican politics, particularly on issues of economy and education.

She is recognized for her commitment to social justice and her work for the rights of women and vulnerable groups.

Born on June 16, 1930, Ifigenia Martínez graduated in Economics from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and completed postgraduate studies at Harvard University.

Throughout her career, she has held various positions in public administration and has been an important voice in the fight for equity and justice in Mexico.

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Claudia Sheinbaum Voted for Ifigenia Martínez

Meaning of the Sheinbaum Vote

Claudia Sheinbaum’s vote in favor of Ifigenia Martínez could be interpreted as a symbolic gesture, highlighting admiration and respect for a historical figure in Mexican politics.

This act could also be seen as a recognition of Martínez’s career and legacy, underscoring the importance of continuing with policies that promote social justice and equality.

Claudia Sheinbaum Voted for Ifigenia Martínez

Election day took place in an atmosphere of enthusiasm and participation. The presence of Claudia Sheinbaum in the polling station and her statement about her vote highlight the importance of citizen participation and commitment to democratic values.

The candidate appeared close to voters, reaffirming her connection with the people and her commitment to the future of Mexico.

R. Claudia Sheinbaum Voted for Ifigenia Martínez

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