Despite the conviction, he may remain a candidate in the next election. Donald Trump Found Guilty on All Charges.

Former President of the United States, Donald Trump, has been found guilty by a jury in the trial related to the bribery of porn actress Stormy Daniels during the 2016 election campaign.

The 12 jurors unanimously concluded that Trump falsified documents to conceal his meetings with Daniels and protect her political career.

This decision marks the first time that a former American president has been criminally convicted, although this conviction does not prevent him from continuing his electoral campaign for the November elections.

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Donald Trump Found Guilty on All Charges

Trump’s sentence and reaction

The sentence will be announced on July 11, after which the defense may appeal.

Trump could face up to four years in prison for each of the 34 charges, although he is unlikely to be imprisoned due to his lack of criminal history. Instead of prison, you will likely be given fines and community service.

After the verdict was announced, Trump expressed his displeasure through his social networks, calling the trial a “highly political witch hunt” and a violation of his civil rights.

In the courtroom, Trump also called the trial “rigged” and attacked Judge Juan Merchan, promising that the “real verdict” will be known in the November 5 elections.

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Donald Trump Found Guilty on All Charges

Political reactions and the Biden team

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Republican Mike Johnson, described the day as “shameful” in American history, accusing the Biden Administration of using the justice system as a political tool.

Johnson was confident that Trump would win in November, despite the condemnation.

For its part, Joe Biden’s campaign team issued a statement declaring that the verdict shows that “no one is above the law.”

They stressed that, although the verdict is significant, the only way to ensure that Trump does not return to the White House is to vote in the elections.

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Donald Trump Found Guilty on All Charges

The judgement and its implications

Judge Juan Merchan thanked the jury for their dedication and effort in a complex and stressful case.

Trump faced 34 counts of falsifying business records in connection with the scheme to conceal unfavorable stories about him.

Key witnesses included Stormy Daniels and former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, who admitted to making the payments to Daniels.

The jury’s deliberation took two days, reaching a unanimous conclusion that avoided the possibility of a mistrial. Arriving at the courthouse on the day of the verdict, Trump continued to criticize New York’s judicial system and defend his innocence.

Donald Trump Found Guilty on All Charges

This trial marks a milestone in the history of the United States, being the first criminal trial against a former president.

Despite the condemnation, Trump remains a candidate in the upcoming presidential election.

If elected again, he would not be able to pardon himself, since the case was brought by the State of New York and not the federal government.

R. Donald Trump Found Guilty on All Charges

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