Once again the president of the USA stars in an episode of distraction. Joe Biden Freezes and Obama Makes him React.

During a fundraising event, President Joe Biden experienced an awkward moment when he appeared to “freeze” in public, with Barack Obama making him react.

The event took place on the night of Saturday, June 15, at the Peacock Theater in Los Angeles, California, during a gala for Biden’s re-election campaign.

The incident quickly went viral on social networks, joining other videos that show similar episodes of the current president.

Prominent figures from the world of entertainment were present at the event, such as George Clooney, Julia Roberts and Barbra Streisand. Jimmy Kimmel was the master of ceremonies, and former President Obama, who shared the stage with Biden, was also present.

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Joe Biden Freezes and Obama Makes him React

The Moment of Freezing

In the video shared by reporter Chris Gardner on his X account, Joe Biden can be seen standing in front of the attendees, with Obama and Kimmel at his side.

Biden slowly greets the audience, raises his hand and applauds, but slowly. The president then stares at the audience, smiling, but apparently “stunned” or “frozen” for a few seconds.

During those moments, Obama also greets attendees. Noticing the situation, the former president takes Biden’s arm, making him react and they both leave the stage through the back.

Despite the awkward moment, the night was a success for Biden’s re-election campaign, raising $28 million.

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Joe Biden Freezes and Obama Makes him React

Reaction on Social Networks

Biden’s video went viral on social media, generating an avalanche of comments and speculation about his health.

This incident joins other clips where the president has been observed in similar situations, fueling public debate and concerns about her fitness for a second term.

Joe Biden Freezes and Obama Makes him React

A Stellar Event

The event at the Peacock Theater brought together influential figures from Hollywood and the political sphere.

George Clooney, Julia Roberts and Barbra Streisand were some of the stars who attended to support Biden’s campaign.

Obama’s presence was also significant, given his continued support for the current president.

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Joe Biden Freezes and Obama Makes him React

Throughout the evening, attendees enjoyed speeches and performances, all with the goal of raising funds for Biden’s re-election campaign.

Despite the incident with Biden, the event fulfilled its main purpose and strengthened fundraising for his election campaign.

The episode where Biden briefly “froze” in public stood out in an event that was generally successful for his campaign.

Obama’s intervention helped soften the moment and allowed the night to continue without major inconveniences.

R. Joe Biden Freezes and Obama Makes him React

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