Regrettable closing of the Citizen Movement campaign in San Pedro Garza García. Jorge Máynez Is Uninjured in Stage Collapse.

On Wednesday afternoon, a campaign event for candidate Lorenia Canavati of the Citizen Movement (MC) party ended in chaos when the stage collapsed due to strong winds.

Jorge Álvarez Máynez, special guest and MC candidate, was present at the time of the incident.

Incident at the end of the campaign

The event took place at the ‘El Obispo’ baseball field, in the western area of San Pedro Garza García.

At approximately 6:00 p.m., the stage collapsed, leaving at least 18 people injured. Videos shared on social networks show the exact moment when the winds began to shake the stage, causing it to collapse.

In the images, the candidates Jorge Álvarez Máynez, Martha Herrera and Lorenia Canavati can be seen running for cover while the screen behind them collapsed.

Injuries and medical response

Zoé Robledo, general director of the IMSS, reported that all medical units in Nuevo León were alerted to care for the injured.

So far, 18 patients have been treated at Family Medicine Unit No. 7 in San Pedro, presenting mainly minor injuries, except for one person who suffered a fracture.

Jorge Álvarez Máynez was treated at a hospital and is doing well. Later, he returned to the scene of the incident to sympathize with the victims.

Reactions and emergency measures

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador regretted the incident and attributed it to the gusts of wind during the political event.

The governor of Nuevo León, Samuel García, confirmed the death of four people and expressed his condolences.

In response to the accident, an extensive emergency operation was implemented. Elements of state Civil Protection and the municipality of San Pedro, along with ambulances from private health services, quickly went to the scene to care for the injured.

The initial chaos was followed by an organized effort to ensure the well-being of those affected and restore order to the area.

Statements by Jorge Álvarez Máynez

Jorge Álvarez Máynez confirmed through his account on the social network X that some members of his team were injured after the stage collapsed.

“I have informed my team that my visit to Tlaxcala and Hidalgo is suspended, as well as all campaign activities. I have also suspended my return flight. I will be in Nuevo León to monitor the situation and the victims,” the candidate published in your X account.

Warning from Governor Samuel García

The governor of Nuevo León, Samuel García, used his social networks to regret the accident and issue a warning about the adverse weather conditions that were expected in the coming hours.

“Good night, this is a very important message. I ask you to please take shelter, intense rains are coming in the next few hours,” García said in a video shared on Instagram.

VIDEO: Jorge Máynez Is Uninjured in Stage Collapse

The collapse of the stage at Lorenia Canavati’s campaign event resulted in a tragic incident with injuries and deaths.

Authorities and candidates have taken measures to care for victims and prevent future incidents due to adverse weather conditions.

R. Jorge Máynez Is Uninjured in Stage Collapse

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