We present you the summary of the last debate prior to the elections in Mexico and our winner. Third Presidential Debate 2024.

The third presidential debate 2024 took place yesterday in Mexico, focused on key issues such as social policy, democracy, pluralism and division of powers.

The event, held in Tlatelolco, was moderated by Javier Solórzano, Luisa Cantú Ríos and Elena Arcila Solís.

Jorge Máynez began the debate by urging citizens to support his movement, followed by Xóchilt Gálvez, who used graphics of the pink mega march as a political tool. Claudia Sheinbaum began her intervention by remembering the tragedy of Tlatelolco.

Social Policy Proposals

Jorge Álvarez Máynez: Third Presidential Debate 2024. Photo: wikipedia.org

Jorge Máynez proposed a five-day work week to build a “new Mexico” through fair wages, which would reduce the high rate of migration. He emphasized the importance of childhood, decent employment and a fair working day.

Máynez criticized Xóchilt Gálvez for his attacks on the government of Nuevo León and the current federal government, pointing out that Gálvez avoids mentioning the disasters of the previous administrations of the parties he represents. He also criticized the state of education in Mexico.

Xóchilt Gálvez, for his part, promised to improve social programs and add new proposals. He criticized the current government’s plan, claiming that “the poor first” was a lie.

He stressed that Mexicans do not have enough money and proposed full-time schools and daycare centers, as well as the construction of 5 million homes to support housewives.

Claudia Sheinbaum highlighted that 28 million families receive support from the Wellbeing program and promised to continue with these plans. She presented two new programs for homemakers and children, stating that the current government knows how to implement them better than any previous administration.

She highlighted the 600 Benito Juárez universities created in this six-year term and promised to recover the health programs canceled by previous administrations.

Sheinbaum defended her position against Gálvez’s attacks, preferring to focus on proposals and not provocations.

Strategies against Insecurity and Organized Crime

Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo: Third Presidential Debate 2024. Photo: wikipedia.org

Xóchilt Gálvez criticized the current government’s management of security, stating that they have handed the country over to organized crime. He proposed the creation of decent public spaces and promised to confront criminals.

He declared that the country is on fire due to drug trafficking and the incompetence of the current government.

Claudia Sheinbaum compared the current government’s security management with the disastrous policies of Calderón and García Luna, highlighting that AMLO’s strategy has reduced violence rates.

She stated that the perception of security among the population has improved and that she is the only candidate with verifiable results, based on her management in Mexico City.

Jorge Máynez reiterated that insecurity increased with the governments of Calderón and Peña Nieto. He insisted that security is the responsibility of the president and promised to assume that responsibility as supreme commander of the armed forces as it is an issue that cannot be delegated.

He stressed the importance of addressing the causes of insecurity, focusing on the country’s children.

Perspectives on Migration and Foreign Policy

Bertha Xóchitl Gálvez Ruiz: Third Presidential Debate 2024. Photo: wikipedia.org

Claudia Sheinbaum assured her commitment to supporting and defending Mexicans in the United States.

She contrasted the current policy with that of Vicente Fox’s “you eat and you go” and highlighted the importance of strengthening relations with the United States, Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Jorge Máynez advocated for national dignity and for Mexico to stop being the backyard of the United States and aspire to be one of the 10 world powers.

He criticized current foreign policy and proposed good relations with Latin America, especially Brazil, in addition to continuing Marcelo Ebrard’s initiative on the control of weapons from the United States.

Xóchilt Gálvez promised protection for migrants and the exploration of new international trade opportunities. He criticized the current policy as hypocritical and accused the government of having kowtowed to Donald Trump.

He highlighted the need to recover foreign trade and protect the southern border from organized crime.

Democracy, Pluralism and Division of Powers

Xóchilt Gálvez expressed his support for the coalition governments and promised to invite representatives of all parties to join his proposals to win the elections.

He pledged to listen to the population and defend the INE, ensuring that beneficiaries of government support should not be forced to vote for the government party.

Claudia Sheinbaum defended the effectiveness of the current coalition government in strengthening democracy. She proposed the elimination of multi-member membership and the misuse of political party resources.

She affirmed that her national project will continue with the “4T” and she criticized the PRIAN governments for not remembering the massacre of ’68.

Jorge Máynez supported coalition governments as long as they promote democratic governance and do not serve to distribute positions. He assured that his government will fulfill its campaign promises and will be accountable to the citizens.

He promised to be a president at the service of the new generations and not of a few.

Third Presidential Debate 2024

Third Presidential Debate 2024

Evaluación del Debate

Xóchilt Gálvez stood out for her attacks on Claudia Sheinbaum, although her interventions lacked depth, she looked crestfallen and had a defeated body language.

Claudia Sheinbaum maintained her firm stance, focused on proposals and defense against attacks as in previous debates that, according to surveys, she has won.

Jorge Máynez was the most coherent and consistent in his responses and proposals, focusing on the topics of the debate, with coherence and consistency in each topic and without going out of context in order to attack his opponents.

From our perspective, Jorge Máynez and Claudia Sheinbaum were the best performers in this third debate, with Máynez as the winner, followed by Sheinbaum and, finally, Xóchilt Gálvez.

This PresiNews verdict is relative and reflects our position as citizens exercising our right to free opinion and does not seek to lean towards any movement, candidate or political party.

R. Third Presidential Debate 2024: Beyond Words

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