• Biden vs. Trump: Mexico in the Debate over Fentanyl and Migration Crisis
  • Joe Biden and Donald Trump Used Mexico for the Debate

In the first debate on the road to the presidency of the United States, Joe Biden and Donald Trump used Mexico to justify their anti-drug and immigration policies.

This meeting focused on crucial issues such as migration, responses to international conflicts and political scandals.

Although Mexico was not mentioned during the first hour of the debate, both candidates referred to the country to defend their mandates.

Migration was a central topic, where both maintained a relatively respectful tone when mentioning Mexico.

Trump blamed migrants for several problems in the United States, while Biden advocated for greater tax justice and attention to the most vulnerable sectors.

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Joe Biden and Donald Trump Used Mexico for the Debate

Biden Thanks Mexico in the Fight Against Fentanyl

In relation to fentanyl, Biden responded to criticism from Trump, who assured that his fight against drugs had been effective until the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

Biden acknowledged the seriousness of the fentanyl crisis, but stated that trafficking rates have decreased thanks to cooperation with the Government of Mexico to prevent trafficking of this drug and its precursors.

Trump, for his part, pointed out that Biden’s immigration policy had facilitated the entry of synthetic drugs into the country due to the lack of control measures at the borders.

Biden countered that Republicans, under the influence of Trump, had blocked the purchase of tools to improve the detection of fentanyl, claiming that this would affect Trump’s popularity.

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Joe Biden and Donald Trump Used Mexico for the Debate

Trump Defends the ‘Stay in Mexico’ Program

Trump highlighted his ‘Stay in Mexico’ program as a measure that increased security on the southern border of the United States.

He insisted that Biden should have continued these policies to avoid the immigration crisis.

According to Trump, Biden’s opening of borders allowed the entry of migrants “from prisons or asylums”, encouraging crime.

Biden reacted angrily to these attacks, repeatedly reminding Trump of his policy of separating children from their parents and keeping them in cages.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump Used Mexico for the Debate

Joe Biden and Donald Trump Used Mexico for the Debate

Trump Blames Migrants for US Problems

Trump, who lost the presidential election in 2020, blamed migrants for problems such as lack of access to health care and the economic crisis.

He criticized Biden for allowing migrants in and granting them social security, claiming it displaced African-American and Hispanic workers.

Trump claimed that during his administration, the border was the safest in the world and that Biden did not need to do anything other than continue his policies.

However, according to Trump, Biden’s opening of the border sparked a crisis.

On the issue of military veterans, Trump expressed outrage that migrants were getting jobs and social security while troops were living on the streets.

Both candidates showed clear differences in their approach toward Mexico and migrants, reflecting their contrasting policies and visions for the future of the United States.

R. Joe Biden and Donald Trump Used Mexico for the Debate

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