• They were announced: These 6 Profiles Will Integrate Claudia Sheinbaum’s Cabinet in the New Stage of the 4T

Claudia Sheinbaum, the virtual president-elect of Mexico, has begun to outline the members who will form her cabinet in the upcoming administration.

Six distinguished individuals have agreed to be part of the team that will lead the Fourth Transformation (4T) in its second phase, each bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to Sheinbaum’s national project.

These appointments reflect Sheinbaum’s commitment to the continuity and strengthening of the policies initiated by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, as well as her focus on key areas such as security, economy, health, and social justice.

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These 6 Profiles Will Integrate Claudia Sheinbaum’s Cabinet

Key Names in the Cabinet

Among those selected is Rosa Icela Rodríguez, the current Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection, who will continue in her position due to her outstanding performance in reducing crime rates and implementing public security strategies.

Her continuation ensures the consistency of the security policies that have shown positive results in recent years.

Another notable name is Arturo Herrera, who previously served as Secretary of Finance and will now return to the cabinet with a renewed vision to manage public finances.

His experience in economic management will be crucial in addressing financial challenges and promoting sustainable economic growth.

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These 6 Profiles Will Integrate Claudia Sheinbaum’s Cabinet

Focus on Health and Wellbeing

In the health sector, Sheinbaum has confirmed the inclusion of Jorge Alcocer, who has been a cornerstone in managing the COVID-19 pandemic and reforming the healthcare system.

His expertise and knowledge will be essential in continuing to improve healthcare services and implementing social welfare programs.

Additionally, economist Raquel Buenrostro will be the new head of the Tax Administration Service (SAT).

Known for her efficiency and ability to increase tax collection without impacting the most vulnerable sectors, she is a key figure in strengthening public finances and ensuring fair distribution of resources.

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These 6 Profiles Will Integrate Claudia Sheinbaum’s Cabinet

Justice and Human Rights

Another cabinet member will be Alejandro Encinas, who has tirelessly worked on human rights and justice issues.

Encinas will take on a role that allows him to continue his advocacy for human rights and the pursuit of justice for victims of violence and abuse.

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These 6 Profiles Will Integrate Claudia Sheinbaum’s Cabinet

Lastly, María Luisa Albores, the current Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources, will remain part of Sheinbaum’s team to continue promoting sustainable development and environmental protection policies.

Her leadership in green initiatives will be crucial in addressing climate change challenges and conserving Mexico’s natural resources.

These 6 Profiles Will Integrate Claudia Sheinbaum’s Cabinet

The cabinet proposed by Claudia Sheinbaum for her administration as the virtual president-elect reflects a blend of experience and commitment to the values of the Fourth Transformation.

The six selected profiles bring a wide range of skills and knowledge that will be critical in advancing goals of social justice, economic development, and environmental sustainability.

With this team, Sheinbaum aims to consolidate and expand the achievements of the current administration, ensuring the continuity and deepening of transformative policies for the benefit of all Mexicans.

R. These 6 Profiles Will Integrate Claudia Sheinbaum’s Cabinet

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