With this strategy, Joe Biden hopes to secure a decisive victory in November. Biden Seeks African-American Support to Defeat Trump.

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, has launched a new strategy to capture the African-American vote, kicking off his “Black Voters for Biden-Harris” campaign with a rally in Philadelphia.

At this event, Biden emphasized the importance of African-American support to ensure his re-election and defeat Republican Donald Trump in the November elections.

Biden launches campaign in Philadelphia

At Girard College in Philadelphia, an educational center with a majority of African-American students, Biden promised that with the support of the African-American community, he will be able to make Trump a “loser” again.

The Democratic president recalled the policies implemented since his arrival at the White House in January 2021, which have benefited this community, stressing that his re-election depends largely on his support.

“By voting for him in 2024, we are going to make Donald Trump a loser again,” Biden said, receiving an enthusiastic response from the public present.

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Biden Seeks African-American Support to Defeat Trump

Crucial recognition and support

Biden recognized the decisive contribution of black voters in his 2020 victory and highlighted the need for their support for the 2024 elections.

“I’m still optimistic, but I need you, are you with me?” she asked, eliciting an affirmative and energetic response from those in attendance.

The “Black Voters for Biden-Harris” campaign, backed by significant investment, will focus on key states nationwide.

These states, known as “purple” or hinge states, include Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin and Michigan, where the margin between candidates is often close and decisive for victory.

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Biden Seeks African-American Support to Defeat Trump

Campaign strategy

The team of Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris has planned a series of activities and media campaigns to reach the African-American population.

The campaign will begin with events and mobilizations in African American communities and will continue throughout the summer, seeking to solidify support from this critical demographic.

Among those attending the inaugural rally were prominent African-American leaders, such as Maryland Governor Wes Moore and Harris herself, who stressed the importance of the black vote for Biden’s re-election.

Biden Seeks African-American Support to Defeat Trump

Importance of African American voters

Black voters played a crucial role in electing Biden and Harris in 2020, and their support is seen as essential for the upcoming elections.

The campaign will seek to not only solidify this support, but also motivate more African American voters to participate in the electoral process.

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Biden Seeks African-American Support to Defeat Trump

In the coming months, Biden and Harris are expected to make multiple visits and events in key states, reinforcing their message and highlighting policies that have benefited the African American community during their administration.

With this strategy, Biden hopes to secure a decisive victory in November, relying on the strength and commitment of African-American voters, who are considered the “backbone” of his coalition.

R. Biden Seeks African-American Support to Defeat Trump

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