The response of the attendees reflected the support they place on the orange candidate. Jorge Álvarez Máynez Closes Campaign with Beer in Hand.

The presidential candidate of Movimiento Ciudadano, Jorge Álvarez Máynez, concluded his campaign in an atmosphere of party and music, accompanied by the candidate for the head of government of Mexico City, Salomón Chertorivski.

A message to young people

During his campaign closing event, called “Máynez Capital Fest”, the candidate thanked young people for their support during the 90-day tour of the country.

In his speech, he highlighted that youth are interested in a different politics, not the traditional one.

“We want to thank them for what they have done, for showing the country that said that young people were apathetic, that we millennials are a crystal generation, that we centennials are a crystal generation, we show them that it is not that we are not interested politics but that we are not interested in their politics,” stated the candidate.

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Jorge Álvarez Máynez Closes Campaign with Beer in Hand

Proposals for the future

Álvarez Máynez outlined part of his national project, with which the young people were enthusiastic.

He promised significant changes that resonated with attendees, underscoring the importance of progressive and fair policies.

“This country is going to change, it is going to see the future, we are never going to have a young man in jail again for smoking marijuana, never again; “Never again will we have a woman in jail for deciding about her body, never again.”

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Jorge Álvarez Máynez Closes Campaign with Beer in Hand

“Never again will we allow real estate developers, builders, government suppliers, media, who pay for campaigns and charge like Chinese and cancel people’s right to housing and cancel people’s rights to have a country with dignity”.

“We will never allow it again,” she promised the young people, ensuring that with their support she has transformed politics in Mexico.

Jorge Álvarez Máynez Closes Campaign with Beer in Hand

Music and celebration

The event was more than a political rally; It became a real celebration with music and entertainment.

Freestylers such as Darwin Dco, El Sense, L-Cone, T-Killa, Yoga Fire and Dee, along with the rock band Penny Pacheco, were in charge of encouraging the public before the arrival of Álvarez Máynez.

The closing of the event was carried out by Porter, Zuky, Aczino and other freestylers, who delighted the attendees with their performances.

The “Máynez Capital Fest” was not only a closing of the campaign, but a demonstration that young people are committed to a new vision for Mexico.

The enthusiastic response from attendees reflected the support and hope they place in Álvarez Máynez and his proposal for real change in the country.

R. Jorge Álvarez Máynez Closes Campaign with Beer in Hand

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