The results indicated that a significant majority is in favor of the proposal. Citizens Support Reforms and Sheinbaum Reveals Results.

Claudia Sheinbaum, the virtual president-elect, has unveiled the results of surveys conducted by Morena over the weekend to gauge public opinion on the proposed judicial reform.

The data shows strong support for the presidential initiative to allow judges, magistrates, and justices to be elected by popular vote.

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Citizens Support Reforms and Sheinbaum Reveals Results

Widespread Support for Reform

Morena conducted three national surveys to understand the public’s stance on the proposed reforms. These surveys were fully funded by the party.

Two of them were conducted through polling firms that had the most accurate predictions in the 2024 elections, while the third was conducted directly by Morena.

The results revealed that 77% of respondents, according to De las Heras, 83% according to Enkoll, and 81% according to Morena’s internal polling commission, are in favor of a judicial reform.

This high level of support indicates a significant demand for changes in the judicial system.

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Citizens Support Reforms and Sheinbaum Reveals Results

Opinions on Corruption in the Judicial System

At a press conference, Sheinbaum highlighted that a large portion of the sample believes there is corruption within the judicial system and that, regardless of whether they voted for her, they believe reform is necessary.

She emphasized that the survey results are solely for informational purposes and have no other objective than to reflect public sentiment.

The data was presented to Sheinbaum by Mario Delgado, the president of Morena, during a visit to the transition house.

The survey was conducted with a sample of 1,200 people for the polling firms and 1,400 for Morena’s internal survey, and it was carried out door-to-door.

Citizens Support Reforms and Sheinbaum Reveals Results

Direct Election of Judges, Magistrates, and Justices

The surveys also explored whether judges, magistrates, and justices should be elected by direct vote.

The results showed that a significant majority supports this proposal: De las Heras reported 68%, Enkoll 75%, and Morena 75%.

Sheinbaum concluded that these results indicate a strong desire for change among the citizenry and emphasized the importance of considering these opinions in the process of reforming the judicial system.

R. Citizens Support Reforms and Sheinbaum Reveals Results

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