The next president of Mexico ensures her victory in a resounding way. Computations End and Claudia Sheinbaum Wins with 35.8 M

Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo has made history by becoming the first woman elected as President of Mexico.

Her victory is significant not only because of her gender but also due to the impressive number of votes she received, setting a new record since the National Electoral Institute (INE) began recording results.

With a lead of nearly 20 million votes, the district tallies by the INE have confirmed Sheinbaum’s decisive victory. She represented the coalition “Sigamos Haciendo Historia” (Morena, PT, and PVEM).

The final results were obtained after a complete count of the votes in the 300 District Councils across the country and the recount of over 116,000 electoral packages.

Context: Claudia Sheinbaum Will be Mexico’s First Female President

Computations End and Claudia Sheinbaum Wins with 35.8 M

Final Results of the Presidential Election

At the conclusion of the counting process, Claudia Sheinbaum secured a total of 35,923,669 votes, representing 59.75% of the vote.

Her closest rival, Xóchitl Gálvez Ruiz, candidate of the coalition “Fuerza y Corazón por México” (PAN, PRI, and PRD), received 16,502,458 votes, equivalent to 27.45% of the ballots.

In third place was Jorge Álvarez Máynez from Movimiento Ciudadano, with 6,204,518 votes, representing 10.32% of the total.

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Computations End and Claudia Sheinbaum Wins with 35.8 M

The INE has highlighted the consistency between the results of the Quick Counts, the Preliminary Electoral Results Program (PREP), and the district tallies, emphasizing the transparency and reliability of the electoral process.

These results reflect the significant lead Sheinbaum holds over her competitors, with a margin of more than 19 million votes over Gálvez and surpassing Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s 2018 vote count by 5 million.

This update was given on June 8, 2024 at 09:30 a.m. UTC-6 Central Time according to the data that can be consulted in the results of the 2024 District Counts for the INE Federal Elections.

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Computations End and Claudia Sheinbaum Wins with 35.8 M

Recounts and Voter Participation

During the counting process, 116,397 electoral packages were reviewed and recounted, equivalent to 68.1% of the installed polling stations. Additionally, results from 54,224 more polling stations were verified.

In total, 170,766 polling stations were approved for the election day, of which 23 could not be installed.

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Finalizan los Cómputos y Claudia Sheinbaum Gana con 35.8 M

These additional recounts were conducted to ensure accuracy and address any inconsistencies detected after the polls closed on June 2.

In terms of voter participation, 61% of eligible citizens went to the polls, translating to over 60 million voters.

Among these, 83,110 people voted for an unregistered presidential candidate, and 1,400,125 votes were nullified, representing 2.32% of the total.

Computations End and Claudia Sheinbaum Wins with 35.8 M

Claudia Sheinbaum’s election is not only a milestone as the first female president of Mexico but also underscores the electorate’s confidence in her leadership and the coalition’s vision of “Sigamos Haciendo Historia.”

With robust citizen participation and a transparent electoral process, Mexico has reaffirmed its commitment to democracy and change.

R. Computations End and Claudia Sheinbaum Wins with 35.8 M

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