This will be an opportunity to discuss future agreements and collaborations. Leaders Confirmed for the Inauguration of Nayib Bukele.

On June 1, 2024, Nayib Bukele, reelected president of El Salvador, will take possession of his new mandate in a ceremony at the National Palace.

This event marks a historic event, as it is the first time in more than 80 years that a president is re-elected in El Salvador, defying the previous constitutional prohibition.

Representation of Mexico and Latin America

The Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Mexico (SRE) has confirmed the attendance of Laura Elena Carrillo Cubillas, undersecretary for Latin America and the Caribbean, as a representative of the Mexican government.

This election reflects the importance of maintaining and strengthening diplomatic relations between both countries.

In addition, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Peru, Javier González-Olachea, will represent the government of Dina Boluarte, according to Supreme Resolution 128-2024-PCM published on May 27, 2024.

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Leaders Confirmed for the Inauguration of Nayib Bukele

Delegations from China and Argentina

The Chinese Foreign Ministry has announced that the Minister of Culture and Tourism, Sun Yeli, will attend on behalf of President Xi Jinping. This confirmation underlines the growing ties between China and El Salvador.

On the other hand, Argentine President Javier Milei, known for his ideological affinity with Bukele on security and economic issues, will also be present.

Milei’s assistance has been highlighted by the Minister of Security of Argentina, Patricia Bullrich, who has expressed her interest in adopting the security model implemented by Bukele in El Salvador.

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Leaders Confirmed for the Inauguration of Nayib Bukele

Other notable guests

Uruguay will send Vice Chancellor Nicolás Albertoni to represent President Luis Lacalle Pou. This gesture reinforces cooperation and good relations between both South American countries and El Salvador.

The Royal House of Spain has confirmed the attendance of King Felipe VI, who will travel to El Salvador for the first time under the title of his king.

The presence of Felipe VI highlights the relevance of Spanish-Salvadoran relations and the importance of this event in Spain’s diplomatic agenda.

Leaders Confirmed for the Inauguration of Nayib Bukele

Diplomatic implications

The presence of these dignitaries and leaders at the inauguration of Nayib Bukele not only reflects the importance of the event, but also the diplomatic relations between El Salvador and the countries represented.

Each attending delegation symbolizes the interest and commitment of their respective governments in maintaining and strengthening ties with the Central American nation.

Bukele’s inauguration ceremony will be an opportunity for international leaders to discuss future agreements and collaborations, highlighting the geopolitical relevance of El Salvador in the region and the world.

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Leaders Confirmed for the Inauguration of Nayib Bukele

The June 1 ceremony will be a significant event that will mark the beginning of a new presidential term in El Salvador, with the participation of prominent figures from the international arena, underlining the importance of diplomacy and global cooperation.

R. Leaders Confirmed for the Inauguration of Nayib Bukele

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