The Movimiento Ciudadano candidate seeks to win the presidency in elections. Jorge Álvarez Máynez Closes Presidential Campaign in Jalisco.

Presidential candidate Jorge Álvarez Máynez, of the Citizen Movement Party (MC), concluded his campaign in El Salto, Jalisco, where he stated that what began in this state will extend to the entire country.

Closing of campaign in El Salto

Jorge Álvarez Máynez, accompanied by Pablo Lemus Navarro, candidate for governor of Jalisco, and several MC candidates from the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area, closed his campaign in El Salto.

In the midst of the first rain of the season, Máynez expressed his gratitude and excitement for being in Jalisco.

“Of course I had to close my presidential campaign in Jalisco, with you. I want to thank you all for having been here. May God bless El Salto! May God bless Jalisco!” declared the candidate.

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Jorge Álvarez Máynez Closes Presidential Campaign in Jalisco

Invitation to vote and promises for Jalisco

During the event, Álvarez Máynez urged Jalisco residents to go out and vote on the next election day and to support the Citizen Movement candidates.

“Let’s bring Pablo Lemus to the governorship. Fany Padilla to the municipal presidency of El Salto. Next Sunday vote all orange because Pablo Lemus needs deputies to defend Jalisco,” he emphasized.

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Jorge Álvarez Máynez Closes Presidential Campaign in Jalisco

Reflection on the tragedy in Nuevo León

The candidate also referred to the recent tragedy in Nuevo León, where a stage collapsed during a campaign closing event, resulting in nine deaths and 204 injuries.

“Six days ago I didn’t know if I was going to continue with you,” Máynez mentioned, showing his gratitude for having survived the incident.

“May the rain be a blessing! A blessing for El Salto, for Jalisco! Let’s enjoy being here,” he added with obvious emotion.

Jorge Álvarez Máynez Closes Presidential Campaign in Jalisco

Expansion of your project nationwide

Finally, Jorge Álvarez Máynez promised to take his political project to the entire country, highlighting his commitment to a different government and for the people.

“Those of the old politics wish that I had not left this stage in time. But here I am. Here I am to defeat them and show Mexico that we are going to take what started in Jalisco to the entire country. A good, different and for the people,” he concluded.

This closing of the campaign marks a crucial moment for the Citizen Movement (MC) candidate, who seeks to win the presidency in the next elections.

R. Jorge Álvarez Máynez Closes Presidential Campaign in Jalisco

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