• Everyone wants with Sheinbaum: Noroña Complains about not being in Sheinbaum’s Cabinet nor coordinate any camera

Deputy Gerardo Fernández Noroña has expressed his discontent for not having been included in Claudia Sheinbaum’s cabinet or in the coordination of any legislative chamber.

Through his social networks, Fernández Noroña made it clear that he feels relegated despite his loyalty and work within the movement.

Fernández Noroña stated that he hoped to be considered for a relevant position within Sheinbaum’s team, who is the national coordinator of the Defense Committees of the Fourth Transformation.

This exclusion has generated a feeling of injustice in the deputy, who has been an active defender of Sheinbaum’s project.

Feeling of exclusion

In his statements, Fernández Noroña expressed that his absence in the cabinet or in any legislative coordination has no justification, given his commitment to the cause.

The deputy insisted that his dedication and effort deserved to be rewarded with a significant position within Sheinbaum’s work team.

This situation has caused surprise and annoyance in Fernández Noroña, who expected greater consideration.

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Noroña Complains about not being in Sheinbaum’s Cabinet

Party reaction

Given Fernández Noroña’s complaints, various spokespersons for the Morena party have tried to soften the situation.

They have noted that decisions on positions are not yet fully defined and that there are still many ways in which the MP could contribute to the project.

However, Fernández Noroña was not satisfied with these explanations and made it clear that he expected more concrete and relevant responsibility.

Noroña Complains about not being in Sheinbaum’s Cabinet

Impact on Morena

Fernández Noroña’s complaint reveals the adjustments within Morena and the expectations among its most prominent members.

Fernández Noroña’s future role in the movement is uncertain, but his strong, critical voice within the Mexican left will likely remain influential.

The development of this situation will be crucial to understanding how loyalties and roles within Morena will be managed in the coming months.

R. Noroña Complains about not being in Sheinbaum’s Cabinet

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