• Here we present what the political agenda points out as the 2 main topics of the debate between Biden and Trump

The first debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump has captured the attention of the entire country and the world, highlighting two crucial issues on the political agenda.

The candidates are preparing to address issues that are of vital importance to American society and that will significantly influence the upcoming elections.

The immigration crisis on the southern border and abortion are the central issues that will define this debate.

These issues not only reflect the current concerns of citizens, but also represent areas in which the candidates have markedly different visions and proposals.

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The 2 Main Topics of the Debate between Biden and Trump

Migration Crisis on the Southern Border

The situation on the southern border of the United States has been a topic of constant debate and controversy. Joe Biden and Donald Trump offer contrasting approaches to addressing this crisis.

Biden has advocated for a more humane and understanding policy toward migrants, focusing on improving detention conditions and creating a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.

On the other hand, Trump has maintained a firm stance on border security, promoting the construction of the wall and the implementation of strict policies to stop the flow of illegal immigrants.

This debate on the immigration crisis will allow voters to evaluate which of the candidates has the best strategy to handle the situation at the border.

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The 2 Main Topics of the Debate between Biden and Trump


Abortion is another deeply divisive issue in American politics. Biden and Trump have opposing positions that reflect the broader divisions within the country.

Biden has expressed her support for women’s right to choose, defending access to safe and legal abortion as a fundamental right.

Trump, in contrast, has aligned himself with pro-life groups, advocating for stricter restrictions on abortion and supporting the repeal of Roe v. Wade.

The discussion of abortion in the debate will offer voters a clear view of the ideological differences between the two candidates and how each plans to address this highly controversial issue.

The 2 Main Topics of the Debate between Biden and Trump

Debate Expectations

This confrontation between Biden and Trump in the first debate promises to be a crucial moment in the election campaign.

The issues of the immigration crisis at the southern border and abortion are of great relevance to voters, and each candidate’s proposals will be carefully examined.

How Biden and Trump address these issues could decisively influence public opinion and the election results.

R. The 2 Main Topics of the Debate between Biden and Trump

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