The former candidate called for respect for the electoral results. Álvarez Máynez About the Victory of Pablo Lemus in Jalisco.

Jorge Álvarez Máynez has intervened energetically to support the victory of Pablo Lemus, candidate of the Orange Movement, in the state of Jalisco.

This defense arises amid accusations of fraud by opposition candidates, who question the legitimacy of the electoral result.

Through his official account on X, Álvarez Máynez asked President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Claudia Sheinbaum, future president of Mexico, to recognize Lemus’ victory, highlighting a difference of more than 100,000 votes.

In his messages, Álvarez Máynez described Morena’s attitude in Jalisco as undemocratic and reprehensible, insisting that Jalisco citizens clearly elected their new governor.

Gálvez Calls for Recognition of Pablo Lemus’s Victory in Jalisco

Álvarez Máynez About the Victory of Pablo Lemus in Jalisco

Statements by Álvarez Máynez about the victory in Jalisco

Álvarez Máynez expressed his surprise at Morena’s position in Jalisco, calling it undemocratic.

“The people of Jalisco elected Pablo Lemus as governor. I call and trust that Claudia Sheinbaum and President López Obrador will recognize the triumph of Pablo Lemus,” he stated in one of his messages.

The emecista also regretted what is happening in the Congress of Mexico City, calling it a “monumental fraud.”

Through his account in X, wrote: “The best allies to prevent it from going unnoticed are those who make hysteria their permanent political tone, abuse adjectives and set off meaningless alerts.”

Computations End and Claudia Sheinbaum Wins with 35.8 M

Álvarez Máynez About the Victory of Pablo Lemus in Jalisco

Criticism of the opposition

Álvarez Máynez stressed that the noise generated by unfounded accusations of fraud is a distraction from true electoral abuse.

He stressed that the music of abuse is noise, criticizing those who use hysteria as a political tool.

The Emecista insisted that it is essential that the will of the people be respected and the legitimate triumph of Pablo Lemus in Jalisco be recognized.

Álvarez Máynez About the Victory of Pablo Lemus in Jalisco

Call for reconciliation

Finally, Álvarez Máynez called for reconciliation and respect for the electoral results.

He urged authorities and political leaders to act responsibly and accept the decision of the electorate, ensuring that this is essential to maintain stability and democracy in Jalisco and throughout Mexico.

R. Álvarez Máynez About the Victory of Pablo Lemus in Jalisco

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