This reaffirms their commitment to respect for those who have served the country. Biden Ends Trip to France Visiting American Memorial.

President Joe Biden ended his stay in France with a visit to an American military cemetery, a site that former President Donald Trump did not visit during his term.

This action underscores what is at stake in the upcoming November elections.

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Biden Ends Trip to France Visiting American Memorial

Tribute to the fallen

Before returning to the United States, Biden went to the Aisne-Marne cemetery, located about an hour from Paris.

There, he laid a wreath at the site’s chapel, where more than 2,200 American soldiers who fought in World War I rest under white headstones.

The solemn event closed a five-day trip, during which the figure of Trump was tacitly but constantly present.

Although the trip was primarily intended to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Normandy Landings and celebrate the alliance between the United States and France, it also served to highlight differences with the previous administration.

Every tribute to the transatlantic relationship reminded that Trump could change those relationships, and every reference to democracy contrasted with Trump’s efforts to challenge a presidential election.

Support for Ukraine over Russia also highlighted the difference with Trump’s skepticism about American aid.

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Biden Ends Trip to France Visiting American Memorial

Marked differences

Biden’s statements about the fight between democracy and autocracy were well received in Europe, where the possibility of a Trump return is causing concern.

However, it remains to be seen how this message will resonate with American voters, as the Biden campaign attempts to connect the president’s warnings to people’s daily concerns.

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Biden Ends Trip to France Visiting American Memorial

The visit to the cemetery once again highlighted the differences between the administrations. During a trip to France in 2018, Trump canceled his plans to visit the cemetery, blaming the decision on bad weather.

However, later reports indicated that Trump told his aides that he did not want to go because he considered the dead soldiers “stupid” and “losers.”

Although Trump denied these comments, they were corroborated by his then chief of staff, John Kelly.

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Biden Ends Trip to France Visiting American Memorial

Impact on Biden’s campaign

These alleged insults from Trump have become a recurring theme in Biden’s campaign speeches.

During an April rally in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Biden recalled these comments, underscoring the respect and honor that American soldiers deserve.

“These soldiers were heroes, like all Americans who served this nation,” Biden said.

“Believing otherwise disqualifies someone from running for this office.” The cemetery visit reinforces Biden’s respect for the military and contrasts with the reported attitude of his predecessor.

Biden Ends Trip to France Visiting American Memorial

This closing of his trip to France reaffirms Biden’s commitment to democratic values ​​and his respect for those who have served their country, in a clear contrast to the position attributed to Trump.

R. Biden Ends Trip to France Visiting American Memorial

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