The reform proposals seek to improve efficiency and transparency. AMLO Disapproves DEA Intervention in Judicial Reform.

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), has expressed his disagreement with the intervention of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in Mexico’s internal affairs, especially regarding judicial reform.

During his morning press conference, AMLO highlighted the importance of national sovereignty and criticized the interference of foreign agencies in decisions that are exclusively the responsibility of the Mexican government and people.

López Obrador stressed that any reform in the judicial system must be decided by the Mexicans themselves, through a democratic process and respecting the autonomy of the country’s institutions.

According to AMLO, the DEA’s intervention is not only inappropriate but also a lack of respect for national sovereignty. The president emphasized that Mexico has the capacity and the right to decide on its own policies and reforms without external pressures.

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AMLO Disapproves DEA Intervention in Judicial Reform

Defense of National Sovereignty

In his speech, AMLO insisted that Mexico must defend its sovereignty and autonomy against any type of external interference.

He stressed that, although Mexico is open to international cooperation, it must be based on mutual respect and non-intervention in internal affairs.

The president stated that the DEA, by expressing opinions on judicial reform, is crossing a line that should not be crossed.

López Obrador noted that his government is committed to fighting crime and corruption, and that the proposed judicial reforms aim to strengthen the country’s justice system.

However, he made it clear that these reforms must be the result of an internal process, free of external influences, and based on the needs and priorities of Mexican society.

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AMLO Disapproves DEA Intervention in Judicial Reform

Criticism of the DEA and International Cooperation

The president also took the opportunity to criticize the DEA’s record in Mexico, arguing that its intervention in the country has not always been beneficial.

AMLO mentioned several cases in which the DEA’s presence has generated controversies and problems, suggesting that its influence has, at times, been more harmful than helpful.

He reiterated that the fight against drug trafficking and organized crime is a responsibility that Mexico must assume with total autonomy.

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AMLO Disapproves DEA Intervention in Judicial Reform

However, López Obrador affirmed that his government is willing to collaborate with the United States and other countries in the fight against drug trafficking, as long as this cooperation is based on respect for national sovereignty.

AMLO emphasized that any joint effort must be balanced and respect Mexico’s sovereign decisions.

AMLO Disapproves DEA Intervention in Judicial Reform

Judicial Reforms in Mexico

The debate on judicial reform in Mexico has been intense and has generated diverse opinions both nationally and internationally.

The reform proposals seek to improve the efficiency and transparency of the judicial system, as well as strengthen the rule of law in the country.

AMLO has defended these reforms as an urgent need to combat corruption and organized crime more effectively.

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AMLO Disapproves DEA Intervention in Judicial Reform

López Obrador concluded his speech by stressing that, although Mexico values ​​international cooperation, it is essential that judicial reforms be designed and implemented by Mexicans themselves.

He insisted that sovereignty and self-determination are fundamental principles that must guide any reform process in the country, and that respect for these principles is crucial for the success of any change initiative.

R. AMLO Disapproves DEA Intervention in Judicial Reform

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