In her speech, Sheinbaum highlighted the importance of this historical moment in Mexico. Claudia Sheinbaum Proclaims Her Victory in Saltillo in 9 Days.

Presidential candidate Claudia Sheinbaum appeared at the Parque Las Maravillas Auditorium in Saltillo, in one of her last public events before the campaign closes on May 29.

“There are 9 days left until victory,” declared Claudia Sheinbaum before thousands of supporters who filled the auditorium.

During his speech, Sheinbaum highlighted the importance of this historic moment in the life of Mexico, referring to the people’s decision in 2018 to reject the neoliberal model and support President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, whom he described as “the best president that has ever existed.” Mexico had at least in modern times.

Continuity of the government model

Claudia Sheinbaum Proclaims Her Victory in Saltillo in 9 Days

Sheinbaum stressed her commitment to the continuity of the current government model, emphasizing that the construction of the “second floor of the fourth transformation” is not her task alone, but that of all Mexicans.

He mentioned the three principles of “Mexican humanism”: putting the poor first, fighting corruption and governing for the people.

He highlighted that these principles have proven to be effective, highlighting that the Mexican peso is the best valued currency against the dollar today.

The candidate also mentioned the record of foreign direct investment and the significant increase in minimum wages, which have doubled nationally and tripled on the border.

In addition, she stated that workers’ rights have been expanded and that, when she comes to government, she will continue to govern with these principles.

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Claudia Sheinbaum Proclaims Her Victory in Saltillo in 9 Days

Results and proposals

Sheinbaum stated that 2.4 million pesos that were allocated to corruption and privileges have been recovered, and that these resources have been invested in works without increasing taxes.

He stressed that power only has value when it is put at the service of others, and that his objective in requesting the vote is to serve the people of Mexico.

The candidate promised to guarantee all social programs, including the universal pension for older adults, support for high school youth and people with disabilities.

Additionally, she proposed extending support to women ages 60 to 64 and establishing a universal scholarship for school-age children. She also pledged to open more public high schools and universities.

Sheinbaum highlighted the importance of keeping young people in schools to combat problems such as addictions, mentioning that in Coahuila there is a serious problem in this area.

Claudia Sheinbaum Proclaims Her Victory in Saltillo in 9 Days

Claudia Sheinbaum called to vote for Morena‘s candidates for deputies and senators, underlining the importance of citizen participation to continue the transformation of the country and guarantee a government that serves all Mexicans.

R. Claudia Sheinbaum Proclaims Her Victory in Saltillo in 9 Days

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