• This approach aims to ensure that your government can immediately and effectively begin working on national priorities from day one in office.
  • Sheinbaum Postpones Key Appointments Until September

Claudia Sheinbaum, the virtual president-elect of Mexico, announced that the appointments of the heads of the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena) and the Secretariat of the Navy (Semar) will be postponed until September.

These high-ranking positions will be integrated into her presidential cabinet at a later date, allowing for more detailed and strategic decisions regarding these crucial roles.

In a press conference held at her transition house, Sheinbaum explained that this decision is part of a broader plan to ensure that her government team is composed of the best possible candidates.

This meticulous approach reflects her commitment to forming a solid and efficient government capable of addressing the country’s challenges.

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Sheinbaum Postpones Key Appointments Until September

New Appointments in Culture, Tourism and Labor

Sheinbaum announced that this Thursday, she will introduce the heads of the Secretariats of Culture, Tourism, Labor and Social Welfare, and the Coordination of the Presidential Office.

The president-elect emphasized that several Thursdays remain to announce the other members of her legal cabinet and decentralized organizations. She also mentioned that some of the current officials might continue in their positions.

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Sheinbaum Postpones Key Appointments Until September

Gratitude Tours and Coordination with AMLO

Instead of conducting a “gratitude tour” before taking office, Sheinbaum will join President Andrés Manuel López Obrador on his weekend tours.

This weekend, both will make joint visits to Mexico City, the State of Mexico, and Puebla.

The president-elect explained that she would resume the gratitude tour once she has formally taken office.

Sheinbaum Postpones Key Appointments Until September

Preparations for the New Administration

Sheinbaum is focused on ensuring a smooth and effective transition, which involves not only selecting her cabinet but also closely coordinating with the outgoing administration.

This approach aims to ensure that her government can start working immediately and effectively on national priorities from the first day in office.

With these announcements, Sheinbaum keeps the nation in suspense about the future heads of the Defense and Navy Secretariats while advancing in the formation of her team for the new administration, which will begin on October 1st.

R. Sheinbaum Postpones Key Appointments Until September

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