The future of migration in the region is expected to be more orderly and fair. AMLO Celebrates Regularization of Migrant Families in the USA.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has expressed his satisfaction with the decision of the United States government to regularize thousands of migrant families, especially the beneficiaries of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, under the administration of President Joseph Biden.

This measure will allow US citizens to keep their families together with non-citizen spouses and children, ensuring that they do not have to leave the country to apply for legal permanent residence.

The new regularization policy responds to the current circumstances of the immigration phenomenon and the new direction taken by the Biden administration.

In a joint effort, the United States Department of Homeland Security will be responsible for ensuring that this measure is carried out effectively, providing significant relief for many families.

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AMLO Celebrates Regularization of Migrant Families in the USA

Mexico-United States Cooperation on Migration Matters

Within the decalogue presented by the Government of Mexico to the United States to jointly address the causes of the migration phenomenon, the regularization of young DACA and Mexicans who have lived, worked and contributed to the development of the United States for more than five years is included.

This step is seen as a significant victory in the fight for the rights of migrants and their integration into American society.

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AMLO Celebrates Regularization of Migrant Families in the USA

President López Obrador emphasized the importance of continuing with bilateral agreements on issues of migration and economic cooperation, always under a policy of good neighborliness and mutual respect for sovereignties.

This approach, according to the president, is essential to maintain positive and constructive relations between both countries.

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AMLO Celebrates Regularization of Migrant Families in the USA

Legal Mechanisms and Respect for Human Rights

López Obrador also recognized the United States government for the creation of a historic legal mechanism through the CBP One platform.

This tool allows migrants to process work visas or humanitarian permits from their countries of origin, which represents a significant advance in the management of the migration phenomenon and respect for human rights.

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AMLO Celebrates Regularization of Migrant Families in the USA

In his statement, the president recalled that, unlike previous administrations, President Biden has not ordered the construction of more segments of the border wall, reflecting a change in US immigration policy towards a more humane and understanding approach.

AMLO Celebrates Regularization of Migrant Families in the USA

A Step Towards a Fairer Immigration Policy

The regularization of thousands of migrant families in the United States marks an important advance in the immigration policy of the neighboring country and is a reflection of the commitment of both nations to work together in the search for long-term solutions.

President López Obrador reiterated his support for these measures and his commitment to continue collaborating with the United States to ensure that the rights of migrants are respected and protected.

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AMLO Celebrates Regularization of Migrant Families in the USA

This decision not only benefits migrants, but also strengthens ties between Mexico and the United States, promoting a relationship based on respect and mutual cooperation.

With this type of initiatives, it is expected that the future of migration in the region will be more orderly, fair and humane, benefiting thousands of families seeking a better life.

R. AMLO Celebrates Regularization of Migrant Families in the USA

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