Since then, Gálvez has not spoken with the national leader of the PAN again. Marko Cortés React to Xóchitl for Congratulating Sheinbaum.

Former presidential candidate Xóchitl Gálvez shared details about the tension she experienced on June 2 after recognizing Claudia Sheinbaum’s victory in a phone call, facing the indignation of PAN leader Marko Cortés.

Acknowledging Defeat

In an interview with Carlos Loret de Mola for Latinus, Gálvez recounted how her decision to congratulate Sheinbaum Pardo triggered a violent reaction from Marko Cortés, revealing deep internal divisions within the PAN-PRI-PRD coalition.

Gálvez, who was formerly the mayor of Miguel Hidalgo, decided to call Sheinbaum after learning of the results that gave a significant advantage to the Morena candidate.

“Hello, Claudia, how are you? Congratulations on your victory, I hope you can truly make Mexico a fairer place. I saw a lot of violence, a lot of neglect, and I wish you the best for your administration,” Gálvez recalled about the call, which was brief.

Sheinbaum thanked her, and although they did not agree to make the call public, Sheinbaum mentioned the congratulatory call in a video after the preliminary results from the INE were known.

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Marko Cortés React to Xóchitl for Congratulating Sheinbaum

Tension with Marko Cortés

Cortés’s reaction was swift, expressing anger and accusing Gálvez of acting unworthily. According to Gálvez, the leaders of PAN-PRI-PRD had agreed on a joint stance, and her call to Sheinbaum was made in her personal capacity, not on behalf of the coalition.

“In a democracy, you win and lose, and we have to learn to lose. Many people complained to me, many people think I sold out, it was said that my son had been kidnapped, that there were more dangerous videos of my son, and it was all false,” Gálvez explained.

During a meeting with coalition members, Cortés raised his voice to scold Gálvez, calling her congratulations an “unworthy act.”

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Marko Cortés React to Xóchitl for Congratulating Sheinbaum

Gálvez recounted that Cortés reprimanded her with a high and inappropriate tone, something she found unnecessary.

“He yelled at me, told me it was unworthy of me to congratulate Claudia because it had been a state-controlled election,” Gálvez said.

Marko Cortés React to Xóchitl for Congratulating Sheinbaum

Coalition’s Response

The situation worsened when Juan Pardinas, another coalition member, also expressed his displeasure with Cortés, further intensifying the conflict.

Gálvez recalled that this was not the first time Cortés had attacked her, as he had severely reprimanded her after the first electoral debate for what he considered a poor performance.

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Marko Cortés React to Xóchitl for Congratulating Sheinbaum

Since that incident, Gálvez has not spoken to Marko Cortés. On social media, Cortés has been harshly criticized, being labeled as sexist and arrogant.

This controversy highlights the tensions and internal divisions within the opposition coalition, underscoring the challenges facing Mexican democracy in accepting electoral results and respecting its leaders.

R. Marko Cortés React to Xóchitl for Congratulating Sheinbaum

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