Gálvez had good results in states governed by the opposition. This is the Only State Where Xóchitl Beat Sheinbaum.

Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo dominated the national elections, but there are intriguing aspects about her victory worth noting.

Sheinbaum, the incoming president of Mexico, secured an impressive 80% of the votes in 31 states, including those governed by the opposition.

Xóchitl Gálvez Ruiz, however, did not achieve regional victories even in states governed by the PAN or PRI.

The only state where Gálvez triumphed was Aguascalientes, surpassing Sheinbaum by a margin of just 3.2 percentage points.

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This is the Only State Where Xóchitl Beat Sheinbaum

Detailed Election Results

In contrast, in Campeche, Gálvez Ruiz fell to third place, being overtaken by Movimiento Ciudadano candidate Jorge Álvarez Máynez by five points.

According to the district tallies from the National Electoral Institute (INE), 60,115,184 people voted in the June 2nd presidential election, with 35.9 million supporting Sheinbaum, making her not only the first woman to win this election but also the most voted candidate, surpassing current president López Obrador.

The competition between the two leading candidates was tighter in the nine states under the alliance of PAN-PRI-PRD or Movimiento Ciudadano.

The former head of government of Mexico City secured more than 60% of the votes in 19 states, exceeding her national average.

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This is the Only State Where Xóchitl Beat Sheinbaum

Strong Support in Key States

Tabasco, the home state of López Obrador, showed its strongest support for Sheinbaum with 897,143 votes, representing 80.5%.

In contrast, Gálvez Ruiz garnered only 11.1%, her lowest figure nationwide. During her campaign, Sheinbaum visited Tabasco five times for mass events in municipalities such as Centro, Paraíso, Comalcalco, and Huimanguillo.

Other states where Sheinbaum received significant support include Oaxaca (76.3%), Quintana Roo (73.1%), Guerrero (71.6%), Chiapas (71.5%), and Tlaxcala (69.2%), all governed by Morena.

In Oaxaca, Sheinbaum received 1.4 million votes, while Gálvez obtained only 271,981, a difference of 61.9%.

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This is the Only State Where Xóchitl Beat Sheinbaum

Performance in Opposition States

Hidalgo, Gálvez’s home state, was no exception to the national trend. The senator received 307,056 votes (19.8%) compared to Sheinbaum’s 1,043,000 votes (67.4%).

In her home state, Gálvez held only three events, including her campaign’s closing in Tepalcatepec.

Sheinbaum also achieved high voting figures in Baja California (66.6%), Veracruz (66.4%), Sinaloa (65.5%), Puebla (65.1%), Sonora (63.9%), Morelos (63.8%), Nayarit (63.2%), Tamaulipas (62.3%), and Campeche (61.2%).

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This is the Only State Where Xóchitl Beat Sheinbaum

In Mexico City, where Sheinbaum last held office, she secured a 20-point lead over Gálvez, with 3,095,000 votes.

In contrast, Gálvez received less support in states like Guanajuato, Nuevo León, Jalisco, and Aguascalientes, all governed by the opposition, with support ranging from 42% to 47% of the votes.

This is the Only State Where Xóchitl Beat Sheinbaum

Gálvez’s significant victory was in Aguascalientes, where, under the governance of PAN’s Tere Jiménez, she received 306,262 votes (45.9%), surpassing Sheinbaum by three points, who received 42.7% of the votes.

Although Gálvez performed well in states governed by the opposition, it was not enough to surpass the Morena candidate.

R. This is the Only State Where Xóchitl Beat Sheinbaum

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