The current Government has managed to keep the economy and public finances stable. Mexico Maintains Solid Economy and Stable Public Finances.

The initiative for constitutional reform of the Judiciary, promoted by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, aims to strengthen the rule of law and give greater confidence to investors and businessmen.

During his morning press conference, López Obrador recalled that the proposal, sent to the Congress of the Union on February 5, seeks for citizens to freely and democratically elect judges, magistrates and ministers of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN). ).

The president emphasized that the Judiciary has been “hijacked by both organized crime and white collar crime.”

He noted that the main opponents of the reform are those who benefit from corruption, mentioning that some ministers act as “employees of potentates.”

López Obrador questioned the fear of these groups towards democracy and the participation of the people in the election of judges.

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Mexico Maintains Solid Economy and Stable Public Finances

Constitutional Reform Proposal

The reform includes the registration of lawyers, as well as the participation of members of the Judiciary itself.

The candidates must present their careers to the people of Mexico and will be voted on in clean elections during the first quarter of next year.

López Obrador stressed the urgency of this reform and called on the population to actively participate in the debate.

The president hopes that the Congress of the Union will approve the reform before his six-year term ends in September.

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Mexico Maintains Solid Economy and Stable Public Finances

Strong Economy Despite Opposition

López Obrador reaffirmed that, despite the attempts of the conservative bloc to generate nervousness in the markets, Mexico maintains a strong economy.

This achievement is due to high collection without increasing taxes, the distribution of wealth through Welfare Programs and the record creation of well-paid jobs.

In addition, he highlighted that public finances are healthy thanks to the fight against corruption.

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Mexico Maintains Solid Economy and Stable Public Finances

Strength of the Mexican Peso

The Mexican peso has shown notable strengthening, trading at 18.37 in relation to the dollar as of June 11, representing an increase of 10.4 percent.

The president highlighted that the national currency continues to be the most appreciated worldwide.

He contrasted this situation with the continuous devaluations in previous six-year terms, such as that of Miguel de la Madrid, where the currency was devalued by 4,462 percent, and that of Ernesto Zedillo, with a devaluation of 187.6 percent.

Mexico Maintains Solid Economy and Stable Public Finances

López Obrador’s administration has managed to maintain a robust economy and stable public finances, largely due to its focus on combating corruption and promoting social justice.

The proposal for constitutional reform of the Judiciary seeks to consolidate these advances, guaranteeing a more democratic and reliable judicial system.

R. Mexico Maintains Solid Economy and Stable Public Finances

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