This operation is carried out under the exception regime in force since March 2022. Nayib Bukele Deploys 3000 Soldiers and Police in Operation.

President Nayib Bukele announced the deployment of more than 3,000 elements of the Army and the National Civil Police in the municipality of Apopa, after receiving multiple citizen complaints.

Operation details

On Saturday, May 25, 2024, the authorities of El Salvador mobilized more than 3,000 security elements in several Apopa neighborhoods, an action that was announced by President Bukele on his social networks.

“After several citizen complaints, we have just installed a security fence in the Tikal 1, 2, 3, Valle del Sol and La Chintuc neighborhoods, in Apopa,” Bukele wrote in his X account. He reported that more people are participating in the operation. of 2,000 soldiers and 1,000 police.

“We have already captured several gang members from the 18 Revolucionarios gang,” added the president.

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Nayib Bukele Deploys 3000 Soldiers and Police in Operation

Exception regime

This operation is taking place under the emergency regime that has been in force since March 2022, a measure implemented after a significant increase in gang-related murders.

Bukele, who is preparing for a second term despite constitutional restrictions, has defended this measure as essential for national security.

Recently, he stated that the Armed Forces of El Salvador are close to achieving “its greatest victory.”

“Our Armed Forces are 200 years old and are about to achieve their greatest victory…”, the president mentioned without providing more details.

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Nayib Bukele Deploys 3000 Soldiers and Police in Operation

Impact and criticism

The emergency regime has allowed authorities to carry out more than 79,200 arrests, although it has also generated more than 6,000 complaints of human rights violations, which include arbitrary detentions and cases of torture.

Additionally, some 240 deaths of detainees in state custody have been reported.

Human rights organizations, such as Amnesty International, have noted that gang violence has been replaced by state violence, with the military and police acting in impoverished communities historically affected by gangs.

Despite these criticisms, the emergency regime remains very popular among the Salvadoran population.

Nayib Bukele Deploys 3000 Soldiers and Police in Operation

The massive deployment in Apopa is a reflection of Bukele’s strategy to combat gangs and maintain popular support, although it has also raised serious concerns about human rights and excessive use of state force.

R. Nayib Bukele Deploys 3000 Soldiers and Police in Operation

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