He emphasized the confidence that businessmen have in the country’s administration. AMLO Highlights Mexico’s Economic Strength Thanks to the 4T.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador recently highlighted the robustness of the Mexican economy, attributing it to the implementation of the Moral Economy and Mexican Humanism.

In a press conference, the president expressed his satisfaction with the current state of the country’s economy, highlighting that cultural, moral and spiritual values ​​are becoming increasingly stronger.

“We must all be very happy because the economy is doing well, and because Mexico is gaining worldwide fame for many reasons. We will continue to report to feel proud of the progress made,” he highlighted.

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AMLO Highlights Mexico’s Economic Strength Thanks to the 4T

Business confidence in the economy

López Obrador also mentioned the confidence that businessmen, such as Carlos Slim, have in the country’s economic administration and in the upcoming transition to the government of Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, the virtual president-elect.

Despite the attempts of the conservative bloc to generate nervousness in the markets due to the constitutional reform of the Judiciary, the president assured that there is economic stability in Mexico.

The president explained that the reform to the Constitution, sent to Congress on February 5, seeks to guarantee the democratic election of judges, magistrates and ministers of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN), in a similar way to how other public officials such as municipal presidents, governors and legislators.

“We want to take away from criminals a power that should be at the service of the people, dispensing justice,” he stated.

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AMLO Highlights Mexico’s Economic Strength Thanks to the 4T

Citizen participation in the election of judges

The president stressed that the reform of the Judiciary will allow lawyers and judges from all over the country, including those who already hold positions, to run for election under public scrutiny.

Society will vote for them in fair elections during the first quarter of next year. This measure seeks to select upright and honest people to deliver justice quickly and fairly, for the benefit of the people of Mexico.

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AMLO Highlights Mexico’s Economic Strength Thanks to the 4T

López Obrador called on the population to participate in the debate on this issue through forums, consultations and surveys, thus providing the necessary elements for adequate analysis and discussion in Congress in September.

“The ideal is to govern by obeying the people, that the people are the sovereign. It is in all of our interests to have an honest and upright Judiciary to live in an authentic rule of law,” he added.

AMLO Highlights Mexico’s Economic Strength Thanks to the 4T

Continuity of reforms with Sheinbaum

The president mentioned that the package of 20 constitutional reforms in favor of the Mexican people may continue under the incoming government of Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo.

He concluded by highlighting the awareness and politicization of the Mexican people, describing them as very awake and participatory in national affairs.

R. AMLO Highlights Mexico’s Economic Strength Thanks to the 4T

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